Oly Frozen 7000 Puffs Pod Cola Bar Disposable Vape Kit

The Oly Frozen is a great device to have on hand for those who like to have a portable and effective method of getting their nicotine fix. Not only is it a great choice for those who want to be able to vape on the go, but it is also an economic and durable option for those who want to have a device that will last for a while. It is easy to use and can provide a whopping 7000+ puffs per device. Plus, it has a huge 16ml e-juice capacity, making it a good choice for those who want a long lasting and economical product.

7000+ puffs per device

Oly Frozen disposable pods are the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy their favorite e-liquid flavors without having to carry a bulky e-cig with them. These pods are equipped with a mesh coil that gives the user a smooth, satisfying vaping experience. The pods are also designed to work with various types of e-cigs.

Oly Frozen disposables are available in several different flavors. Some of these options include strawberry, mango, blueberry, and creamy banana. In addition, they come in a variety of styles. They have an ergonomic mouthpiece that makes it easier for the user to inhale vapor.

Designed with longevity in mind, these Oly Frozen disposables are able to provide a consistent vapor with each puff. They are comfortable to use and are also very cost-effective.

Large 16ml e-juice capacity

Oly Frozen is a disposable vape that provides a consistent vapor with each puff. It also offers a large 16ml e-juice capacity. The e-liquid is composed of a blend of fruit extracts and propylene glycol to provide a more intense nicotine hit. This device is also capable of lasting up to fourteen days with regular use.

In addition, the device also includes a built-in thermometer, which enables users to customize the settings of the unit to their preferences. This is a good feature for those who prefer to vape while on the go.

The Oly Frozen 7000 Disposable features a 600 mAh internal rechargeable battery and a large 16ml e-juice cartridge that is pre-filled with 50mg e-liquid. Each pod contains a mesh coil that provides smooth vapor for a satisfying experience.


Are you looking for a dependable vape that will last the distance? Look no further than the Durable Oly Frozen. Designed for a wide range of vapers, these units are built to perform at a high level. They offer a large 16ml e-juice capacity, as well as an impressive 7000+ puffs per device. Combined with an ergonomic mouthpiece, you’ll be sure to enjoy the full benefits of a premium vaporizer in no time.

In addition to being a good buy for a first timer, these units are a breeze to use. They are designed to provide consistent vapor with every puff, and a comfortable fit. They are also a breeze to clean, making them an ideal option for families with children. Moreover, these units are remarkably affordable.


Oly Frozen is a disposable vape that delivers a satisfying nicotine hit and consistent vapor for each puff. It is available in many different flavors and is a great option for a quick and convenient e-liquid vaping experience.

The Oly Frozen has a large 16ml e-juice capacity, so you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors without having to refill the cartridge. It also has an ergonomic mouthpiece and mesh coil for smooth and tasty vapor.

Designed to last up to 14 days of regular use, the Oly Frozen disposable e-cig is a great value. You can choose from mango, strawberry, and blueberry flavors.

Unlike other disposables, the Oly Frozen is made with a mesh coil and an ergonomic mouthpiece. This makes it easier to inhale vapor. Additionally, it has a built-in thermometer and temperature control (TC) mode that allows you to customize the temperature. This feature helps prevent dry hits by limiting the maximum temperature of the coil.

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